A haircare & styling brand for the modern Curly Kinky Coily hair girl

Introducing – THE ASTYLED SALON!!!

A chic modern salon with a special fondness for taking care of naturally curly hair: from curly-curls to kinky-curls to coily-curls and yes, even those that don’t fall into a ‘specific’ curl category. Our services are influenced by the Curly Girl method and other curly girl approved techniques to soften, infuse moisture, maintain thickness, retain length and showcase the beauty and versatility of your naturally curly hair.

We invite you to call or WhatsApp us at 7187585 (from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday) to learn more about our curly hair specific salon services.

We look forward to the ultimate pleasure of taking care of your curls!

The Astyled Team

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