A haircare & styling brand for the modern Curly Kinky Coily hair girl

About Astyled


Astyled is a haircare and styling brand for you - the modern curly, kinky, coily hair woman who wants to wear her hair naturally curly but in a way that still makes her look and feel chic stylish sexy, and professional (that straight hair did). Based on our countless conversations and interactions, (and being naturally curly hair women who also crave those same things), we have recognized that there are unique challenges that we face simply surrounding that balance of how we want to wear our hair. Therefore, we have designed a few products and services that cater to our specific haircare and styling needs. 

They are...

The Astyled Salon
which provides haircare, haircutting, hairstyling, and hair colouring services to enhance curly hair

The Astyled Shop
 which provides small luxe (mostly locally) hand-made hair, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle items 

The Astyled Society
which is a private platform for our clients to access exclusive content such as styling tutorials, haircare info, product demos etc

It is our vision that these specially designed products and services can enhance your life (the way it has mine and those who have adopted them) in such a way that you can indeed effortlessly take care of and wear your hair the way you want to!

THE LOCATION (Chaguanas)

Due to the pandemic, we've pivoted from a 3-station salon suite at the Brentwood Professional Centre to a cozy at-home salon in our safe gated residential community.


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