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Salon Services

(Please note the default finishing style for Curly Hair salon services is a Wash & Define aka a Wash & Go! If you prefer another style, you have to indicate that at booking and the price and time will be adjusted)

CURLY GIRL REHAB (Recommended for new clients)
Got natural or curly hair? But you still don’t know how to take care of it or style it? And you’re fed-up, frustrated and confused by all the internet advice and with all the products that don’t work for you?

Don’t despair! The Curly Girl Rehab service jumpstarts your healthy hair journey and sets you on the path to a beautiful head of curls by removing the junk from your hair that blocks moisture, your old dry and busted ends that weigh down and tangle your curls, hydrates your thirsty curls and gives you the knowledge on how to properly care for your curls in an effective but simplified manner, using product recommendations personalized for you!

Analyze | Cut | Cleanse | Hydrate | Style | Recommend
Cost: $375
Time: 3 hours


CURLY GIRL CHECK-IN (Recommended for returning clients)
Ooooh you’ve fallen in love with your curls once again! You love taking care of it and see the difference consistent haircare with the right products does.

Don’t stall your growth or waste your hard work: check-in every 3 – 4 months to routinely remove unwanted product/mineral build-up, maintain fresh healthy ends and to infuse professional strength moisture into your curls

Cut | Cleanse | Hydrate | Style
Cost: $325 (Budget constraints? Skip the treatment for $275)
Time: 2 1/2 hours


CURLY CUT SAN FRILLS (Recommended specifically for advanced level Naturalista/Curly Girl) *NEW

You have your hair care routine down pat, you know what products to use, and how to properly define your curls like a pro… but your shape just needs a lil pick-me-up or your ends just need a bit of dusting.

Take advantage of this express service where you come in with freshly washed and defined curls (no more than 2 days old), and your curls are shaped or dusted dried (think Deva Cut), and followed up with a style refresh.

Cut | Refresh | Style
Cost: $180
Time: 1 ½ hours


CURL TREAT (Recommended for existing clients)
You were sick for three weeks… You have exams coming up… You had your hair in a ‘protective style’… you were on vacation… you...

It’s okay we totally understand -- you fell off your haircare regimen and your curls need a ‘treat’, some extra TLC to bring it back to life. The treat can be hydrating one to infuse moisture, or a strengthening one to add protein or a mix of both.

Cleanse | Treat | Style
Cost: $225
Time: 2 hours


CURL CARE (Recommended for existing clients)
This service is for the day you just don't feel like doing your own hair, or for special occasions when you want a salon-quality finish.

Cleanse | Condition | Style
Cost: Braid - $130+ | Define - $165+ | Twist - $200+ | Combo - $250+
Time: 2+ hours


Add On
(You can add the following service to any of the above services)


Help! What happened to my curls?!!! You braided your hair pretty much back-to-back in the name of 'protection', but now your curls don't hold on to moisture like before (you may have compromised cuticles). You wanted a change, so you got a Silk Press or lightened your natural hair colour and now some of your curls are stretched out and lacking elasticity (you may have heat or colour damage).

This bond rebuilder add-on is highly recommended for you! Restore your curls by rebuilding the various bonds that are broken during heat and chemical processes and extreme physical manipulation.

Got healthy colour-treated hair and want to keep it that way? Get the Curl Restoration with the Curl Treat service once every 1-3 months.

Olaplex # 1 | Olaplex # 2
Cost: $150 *(Introductory price)

Time: 45 mins

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