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Salon Services


Our ‘Style’ services incorporate the three basic steps necessary for a healthy hair-care regimen: cleanse, condition, and style. During each step we use high quality, well formulated botanically-based and naturally derived products to gently remove dirt/product build-up, infuse moisture and set the style to last for about a week. They are recommended weekly for regular hair-care maintenance and are available in a variety of options to suit different hair types, lifestyles and the way you want to wear your hair for that week.

Also known as a Wash & Go, this style showcases the unique beauty of your natural curl pattern. Appropriate for naturally wavy, curly, kinky and coily hair.
Cost: $ 165 | Time: 1 ½ hours

This style manipulates and stretches your curl patterns to ‘show-off’ more of your length. Appropriate for naturally curly, kinky and coily hair.
Cost: $ 275 | Time: 2 ½ hours

This style interweaves your natural hair (no extensions added) into flattering braided hairstyles. It can be done using the French, Dutch or ‘Fishtail’ style of braiding. Appropriate for relaxed, transitioning and naturally wavy curly kinky coily hair.
Cost: $130 | Time: 1 ½ hours



Our ‘Treat’ services are meant to problem-solve and address specific hair issues that compromise the health of your hair. They will be recommended as needed, in relation to the severity of the hair issue. These are add-ons to the ‘Style’ services.

This treatment penetrates and removes layers of hard-to-remove gunk i.e heavy natural oils, mineral oils, silicones, and mineral deposits (e.g chlorine from pool water) etc. that weigh your hair down and affects its ability to properly absorb and retain moisture.
Cost: $55 | Time: ½ hour

This treatment penetrates deep into the hair to infuse much needed moisture into dry thirsty hair.
Cost: $110 | Time: ½ hour

This treatment fills up and repairs the damage done to the hair’s cuticle and cortex.
Cost: $110 | Time: ½ hour

This treatment rebuilds the chemical bonds that are broken down during chemical treatments such as Keratin Treatments, Relaxers, and Colouring.
Cost: $215 | Time: ½ hour



We use different cutting techniques (such as wet or dry precision cutting or dry ‘curl by curl’ cutting) that are appropriate to the hair type, the way the hair is worn and the desired cut to trim and shape the hair. These can be added on to the ‘Style’ and 'Treat' services or stand-alone.

This cut removes (more or less) the same length of hair (approximately half-an-inch) throughout and is used to maintain your existing hair shape and keep your ends healthy by getting rid of split, chemical, heat or colour damaged ends.
Cost: $100 | Time: 1 1/2 hour 

This cut removes varying lengths of hair and is used to change the shape of your hair, as well as keep your ends healthy by getting rid of split, chemical, heat or colour damaged ends.
Cost: $150 | Time: 1 1/2 hour



(Colour services will be added to the menu soon!)
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