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When it comes to curly hair, ‘wash day’ is a pretty big deal. It’s not only the day we care for our hair --through cleansing and conditioning –- it is also THE specific day that we dedicate to detangling and styling our hair for the upcoming week ahead!

But as big a deal as ‘wash day’ is, it is not something that the overwhelming majority of Curlies/Naturals look forward to. After spending years and years of dealing with relaxed hair or having someone else do your hair, when you start caring for your own curly/natural hair - ‘wash day’ activities such as washing, detangling and styling can become synonymous with the words difficult, unpredictable, time-consuming and frustrating. And this is what leads most of you to delay ‘wash day’ (by two, three weeks, or a month) and or not wear your curls in their natural beautiful state – which then leads to dehydration, breakage, stunted growth, pattern damage, scalp issues and a lack of appreciation for the beauty of your own hair.

I want to change this…

By providing you with the proper techniques and tricks to help overhaul your ‘wash day’ from a difficult, unpredictable, time-consuming, and frustrating experience into one that is easy, effective, and enjoyable!

If this sounds like the game-changer you need to finally learn how to manage your hair and rock your curls with confidence then join me for:


A practical hands-on hair manageability & styling class where you will learn the skills and techniques to:

·         Properly cleanse your hair without creating tangles,

·         Properly hydrate your hair for longer-lasting hydration and elongation,

·         Properly detangle your hair to reduce breakage and excess shedding

·         Properly style your hair in a defined Wash & Go,

·         Properly set your Wash & Go for longevity,

·         Properly use your products (amount, order, etc) to reduce wastage and increase the efficacy




1st Sunday of the Month


Virtual (from the comfort of your home)


There will be 4 possible classes, held at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm


Each class will be approximately 2 ½ hours long


Each class will have a minimum limit of 3 women and a maximum of 5 women to ensure adequate attention is given (if interested email me about a private one-on-one in-person class)


You will receive pre-recorded hair prep instruction videos of me demonstrating (step by step) how to cleanse condition and detangle your hair that you’ll follow and do before the start of your class time. Then I will teach you step-by-step how to style your hair into a Wash & Go, from start to finish, providing personalized guidance unique to your hair (i.e. long, short, low density, different textures, etc) along the way, as well as teach you techniques on how to ‘set’ your Wash & Go.

You’ll also receive pre-recorded after-care instruction video of me demonstrating (step by step) how to ‘finish’ the style as well as preserve/maintain for minimal frizzing.


You’ll also get complimentary one month access to a private community-based platform where you’ll continue to receive weekly follow-up/guidance (live, pre-recorded, and or written) where you can ask questions, upload and share your own styling progress, participate in style challenges that will help to reinforce, cement and enhance the skills you learned during the class.


Your own haircare, styling products, and accessories! (Learn how to use what you have instead of buying more)


$300 TTD (discount for secondary and undergraduate students available)


Online bank transfer (deadline for payment is the Saturday before the 1st Sunday of the month)


Limited spots available, reserve yours HERE!


Payment Details Below

Name: Astrel Medina

Bank: Republic Bank Limited

Account Number: 160133243131

Account Type: Savings


N.B. Please note that this course is only open to you (my clients), as it builds on the foundation of the Curly Girl Rehab salon service.

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