A haircare & styling brand for the modern Curly Kinky Coily hair girl

About Astyled

Astyled Ltd. is a chic modern salon for the curly, kinky, coily hair girl who WANTS to wear her hair curly! While our products and services can be used by anyone we have a special fondness for curly hair! We’ve had more than our fair share of flat-ironing the life out of our curls and chemically processing any hint of kinks out. So we’re now hell-bent on changing the image of curly hair as ugly, difficult (i.e long tedious wash day, painful detangling sessions), unprofessional and the culture of hiding it behind relaxers, braids, weave etc. Instead, we want to showcase its beauty and make the adjectives stylish, healthy, sexy, and professional synonymous with curly hair.

We help you…

CARE FOR IT - With treatments that hydrate, strengthen and restore your curls

STYLE IT - In soft, frizz free, defined, long-lasting Wash & Gos and defined bouncy, shiny Twist-Outs

SHAPE IT - In flattering, stylish cuts such as tapers and bobs

COLOUR IT - To break up the flat black, with highlights that add dimension or cover those stubborn grays

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We are available (by appointment only) from 10 am to 6 pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays. We are located at Suite 204 A, on the First Floor, of the Brentwood Professional Centre, in Chaguanas.

Brentwood Professional Centre

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