A haircare & styling brand for the modern Curly Kinky Coily hair girl

About Astyled

Astyled Ltd is a haircare and styling brand for the modern curly kinky coily hair girl. Our products and services can be used by anyone but we have a special fondness for curly hair! We’ve had more than our fair share of flat-ironing the life out of our curls and chemically processing any hint of kinks out. And we’re now hell-bent on changing the image of curly hair as ugly, difficult (i.e long tedious wash day, painful detangling sessions), unprofessional and the culture of hiding it behind relaxers, braids, weave etc. Instead, we want to showcase its beauty and make the adjectives stylish, healthy, sexy, and professional synonymous with curly hair.

This is a huge objective but we think it can be done through a partnership between you and our:

Salon – where we provide services that address the specific needs of your curly hair

Shop – where we create, curate and retail handcrafted gourmet curly hair specific haircare products and stylish small goods (such as our popular So Haute microwaveable heat caps) for your at-home use

Blog – where we demystify all the noise and hearsay surrounding curly haircare and provide you with proper, effective science-based information
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